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Between 17-19.02.2017 triathlon scene meets up at TCE in Langen near Frankfurt. Visit our booth at the triathlon exhibition and test the Powerbreather in the nearby indoor swimming pool. / triathlon 147: Februar 2017 / Tools.
„Triathlon”, the leading German triathlon magazine, introduces the Powerbreather as ideal training tool to increase both technique and endurance.
Mark Whittle from Whittle Fit in Wales really likes the Powerbreather which has become a fundamental part of his swim set. It allows him to breathe in fresh air and fully focus on his stroke, while working on the endurance side of training.
AKTIVimALLGÄU Magazine made a triathlon test and concluded: AMEO Powerbreather and SKINS Tri 400 suit bring you a step forward!
„TriForYou“, the well-established German triathlon agent, considers the Powerbreather an innovative technical aid. Professional swimmer as well as beginner will not only improve technique but will also increase respiratory volume.
Testing the Powerbreather: Further evolution of snorkel
By: Karsten Zwieg · 3. Oktober 2016


Mark Kleanthous of IronMate Coaching is one of Britain’s top swimming and triathlon coaches as well as being an extreme endurance athlete and a recognised advance performance coach. He has completed 490+ Triathlons, 38+ Ironman finishes, 2 double Ironmans, 1 triple Ironman, 75+ marathons and is a Marathon des Sables finisher. Mark has covered more than 7,000 miles swimming 178,000 cycling & 52,500 running. He has recently started training with a Powerbreather and is already seeing results!
The Ameo-Team in Pula 14.-18.09.2016.
220Triathlon UK presents the AMEO Powerbreather as a remarkable training tool “designed to help perfect your breathing pattern and increase lung capacity”
Fit for Fun / August 2016 - Swimming – the perfect balance. Including tools presentation, among them the AMEO Powerbreather
The most important Austrian sports magazine with news, tips, events, camps and travel for each type of sport | jogging, biking, hiking, skiing, cross-country skiing, introduces the POWERBREATHER to its readers. / Edition triathlon 141: July 2016 / The AMEO Powerbreather exclusive triathlon DEAL.
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