This is the most effective swimming tool to improve your swimming that i have used in the last 30 + years swimming and coaching


My first look and first few test trials of the Ameo POWERBREATHER

I have tried snorkels and many lung resistance type products & do not like the feeling of limited breathing, i did not experience this with the Ameo POWERBREATHER

Below are my first 12 impressions why i will be using Ameo POWERBRETAHER in future.

1 – Easy to fit

= did not hurt for long periods of time.

2- Comfortable fit (i do not normally like snorkels)

= I had no problem wearing it for the whole swim workout.

3- You simply focus on your swim stroke and do not have to worry about reducing efficiency caused by turning your head to breath during front crawl.

= Just focus on technique and looking what my hands are doing.

4 – I am able to swim with a neutral body position and focus just on my swim stroke. = I feel i glide better and this improved my feel for the water

5- You can focus on your breathing & get a good lung workout.

= Time efficient swim session.

6 – The Ameo fresh air system is designed so you are always breathing in fresh air (normal snorkels you breath in and then breathe out some of the same air)

= Can prevent repetitive shoulder injuries if you only breathe to one side

7 – Powerbreather exhales air out the front and keeps the tubes dry.

Two tubes position around the head help me be streamlined and forget i am using it.

= no drag on one side when using a traditional snorkel

8- Powerbreather Redesigns The Snorkel

During normal swimming if you breathe just to one side most swimmers tilt slightly and are not symmetrical in the water with their arms and legs.

= Being symmetrical allows you to be more balanced and expend less energy.

9-During ageing there is a progressive decline in respiratory lung functions due to loss of respiratory muscle strength.

= The Ameo POWERBREATHER should be able to stop this decline.

10 -Should be used for preparing for altitude events.

= improves deep breathing making you more efficient at altitude.

11 – One Way valve system makes it very easy to remove water that may get into the tube.

=This has only happened twice while i get use to the Ameo PowerBreather


12-I feel more relaxed when swimming using the Ameo power breather

= which has already transferred to my swimming without using it.

Summary of the Ameo POWERBREATHER

If you want to look for more than marginal gains then i recommend you use this product to improve your swimming.

I will certainly be using and recommending it to athletes i coach as a vital bit of kit to use.

The skeptics will not try it and will not benefit. The optimists will try it and use it again and again & will benefit.

Watch this space i am sure i will find even more benefits are using it more in the coming days weeks and months.

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